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Software for the built environment

Altuity's asset and maintenance management software enables you to realise greater value from your built environment assets by making them work harder for you. Manage your school or workplace inspection and maintenance needs, contracts, leases, insurances and documents for your site(s) over the cloud.


Floor plan and mobile maintenance managementUsing maps and interactive CAD plans provides a highly visual view of your data helping you work quickly and efficiently. No specialist GIS or CAD software is needed. Dashboards and analytics provide comprehensive reports on assets and buried services.


Our subscriptions and tiered pricing ensure you only pay for what you 

Spatial maintenance management

need as long as you need it. We support individual school business managers, bursars, asset, site and facilities managers through to larger organisations such as multi-academy trusts (MATs) who want to manage multiple locations in a single, integrated environment.


Our aim is to help you manage your physical and intangible built environment assets - easily and effectively.


Unlock the value of your asset information

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